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My name is Courtney Badger and I am the creator behind the brand The Wandering Manifestor, where woo woo meets action and creates



Are ready to start living the life you desire? Instead of living for everyone else.  It is time to block out the world noise, get silent and go within your soul.  When you wander in the depths of your soul that is the only way we can truly connect to the life you were meant to live.


You came here for a reason!

Your desire brought you here, your desire to step out of the fucking struggle, stop living the life you feel like you should have to live and live the fulfilled & joyful life you were meant to lead.


I was that girl too!  Searching for that missing piece of life outside of me until I realized the power to change was all inside of me.  It started and ended with my mindset but I was convinced external factors would make me happy.


I know exactly what it’s like to dream but be told that your dreams are unrealistic.  I want you to KNOW there is more to life than paying bills and dying.

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Do you crave a life filled with fulfillment, happiness, abundance, travel, confidence, love and enjoyment...

You are here because you crave the FREEDOM to pick how you spend your time, the freedom to enjoy money, the freedom to live a life of passion, the freedom to see the world, the freedom to have money work for you, while manifesting money to create the life of your dreams. 


I am living the life I used to only dream of and see others living.  I would often think, “Why can’t I have the life I want that comes so easily to others?”  I was the comparison queen.  I was convinced others had something in them that I just didn’t possess within me.


After a lot of deep inner work I came to a startling realization that the people I am comparing myself to, I am just as worthy as them.  


I lived a life with debt and it felt heavy, exhausting and never ending.

I thought that loving what do could not pay the bills.  We are taught that joy has to be limited and there was only so much of it to go around.


I would get paid and didn’t feel like the money I earned was mine; It was all marked for bills, credit card minimums and other unexpected expenses that would pop into my life. There was never enough for an abundance of following me dreams and I felt like I was caught in a never ending trap.


I was emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Chasing the idea of I will be happy when....


you can too!

Being caught in the I will be happy when trap is exhausting.  I was constantly searching for that thing outside of me as my key to unlocking happiness and joy. 


I struggled for years living paycheck-to-paycheck, no matter the increase in my income


I was constantly searching for ways to feel confident and have permission to love myself.   


Once you decide your self-worth is not tied to anything and you are fucking with just because you were born.  You are worthy of your desires because you were given them for a reason and you start changing your mindset then you can begin to heal your relationship with yourself.


I have paid off thousands of dollars in debt in a matter of months, purchased my dream home, left my corporate job, and built my dream business.


I am not any more worthy than you. If I can do all of those things then you can too!  I am here to teach you the steps to doing it!

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How did I make the change?

I reprogrammed my mind. I dropped the fucking addiction to struggle.  I took it one day at a time. And then, I started to see progress. I saw things happen without realistic timelines and had quantum leaps of change in my life. I then got addicted to the progress and it became a game of learning the energetics of my soul desires.


If you’re sick and tired of living the I will be happy when life, filled with guilt shame and should of's then you are ready for that change.  


Let's take back your life and create a life of Soul Freedom!



Become your own light at the end of the tunnel and fill it with purpose, freedom, abundance & joy!