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The Money Mindset Scale Explained

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Economy Basic Money Mindset

  • Lack Mindset around money

  • Frustrated when you get paid 

  • Strong belief that money will solve your problems

  • Focused on your lack of money

  • You base your self-worth on your amount money in your bank account

  • Constantly on a yo-yo debt cycle 

  • Put things on credit from a lack mentality 

  • Full of fear and anxiety when you check your bank account

  • Either constantly checking your bank account or avoiding it

  • Pay bills from a place of anger 


Coach Mindset

  • Lack Mindset around money

  • Start gratitude practices around money

  • Want to move towards neutral with money

  • Ready to learn how to change your relationship with money but unsure how to do so

  • Celebrate large sums of money when they come in

  • Willing to write a break up letter with your negative relationship with money

  • Ready to take control of your story

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Business Class Money Mindset

  • Check your bank account from a neutral space and mindset

  • Understand your relationship with debt and money

  • Ready to celebrate every dollar

  • Know it is possible to manifest money

  • See some evidence of money manifesations

  • Create a daily vizualisations practice around money

  • Understand that every dollar you earn is yours and you choose where the money goes from there


First Class Money Mindset

  • Celebrate every dollar you get paid, find or manifest

  • Feel abundant around money

  • Positive relationship with money

  • You love money and money loves you!

  • Practice gratitude with money

  • Visualize a plan for the money you are calling into your life

  • Know you are fully worthy and deserving of the money you are calling into your life

  • Understand your relationship with money is energy

  • Celebrate you get to pay bills

  • Able to manifest money easily

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