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Consistent Inspired Action

Creating the Runway to 10K Months
March 10th, 2022

Stop waiting for opportunity & create the adventure you are craving

 This mini mind is for you if showing up on social media feels hard but you are ready to change that!  You know you have a powerful message to share but you know in order to do so you know you need a content plan.  You want content to flow to you from a place of ease and have it be fun!  You are sick of it feeling hard and overwhelming AF, so you just don't show up.  If you join us it is because you are ready to make the decision to show up, do the work, step into a place of inspired, aligned hustle & see magic unfold for you!  This is not a container where you can hide, it is time to show the fuck up for yourself here and be seen on social media!

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This is for the woman who...



  • You are ready to take full accountability and make changes NOW

  • You want things to be easier and more fun in your business

  • You are ready to show up consistently in your business

  • You are sick of sitting in overwhelm.

  • You know it is time to get your message out there


  • Consistency feels really hard


  • You know you are powerful and can create change but feel like no one hears you...

  • Maybe everyone is right, it just isn't meant for me...but deep down you know this is not true

  • You believe if I have clients, engagement or income you could believe in yourself

  • You are ready to show up and be fully seen and show up for your business in a big way

  • You cannot keep going the way things are going now

  • You ask yourself "what is wrong with me"

  • You are ready for accountability, inspired action & to see changes!

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What is the Vibe of the Runway Mastermind?

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Start March 10th

As soon as you sign up Voxer Access Starts Right Away

There will be an IG thread for you ladies to support each other in your content

3 calls per month for 4 months

Group Voxer Access--I will be supporting Monday-Thursday

4 months of Taking Action in your business

Month 1-Clarity

Month 2-Action

Month 3-Consistency

Month 4-Content Queen Identity

Each month will follow the same format

Week 1: Teaching Call

Week 2:  Hot Seat Coaching Call 

Week 3: Healing Call--meditation, emotional regulation, mindset work

This mini-mind is for the woman ready to take immediate inspired action in her business.

Calls are Thursday from 4-6pm EST

There are no 1:1 calls included unless you choose the Pay in Full Option

All Voxer Support will be group only Voxer Support

Early Bird Investment Price:

$800/mo for 4 months

$3,200 Pay In Full

Bonus includes 60 min 1:1 clarity call with Courtney & a social media audit



Who is Courtney Badger?

She is a girl who made some big decisions in her life that have made MAGIC her everyday normal!

My name is Courtney Badger I am a Women's Digital Leadership Coach.  I support women stepping into their role as CEO.


I am the founder and creator of The Wandering Manifestor Brand.


I want all women to feel like are empowered enough to make the Decisions to change their lives.

I sat in indecision for so long asking others, questioning myself, pushing down my desires or telling myself I wasn't good enough for what I wanted.

Once I make a soul level DECISION to go after what I want it happens.

The MAGIC comes from the DECISION!

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My parents worked hard to provide a life for me; we lived in a beautiful home but they instilled in me that I would always have to work hard, be in debt and stressed out by money and my desires are selfish.


I was taught my emotions made people uncomfortable, they were too much and I couldn't trust them.

I learned that I needed to be at war with my body and that I needed to shove my emotions down.

I was not to be trusted and I did not know best since my desires were selfish, took away from the family and hurt others.


Finally, I started to dissect and understand that.  Those were not my beliefs.  Not my story or burden to carry.


Once I started making decisions in line with the life I wanted to lead, that did not always make sense to others my sense of freedom and abundance started to unlock.

Against the advice of my parents and some friends I knew it my soul I was meant for freedom.  I quit my corporate job, sold everything I owned and moved to New Zealand.  That was the most soul aligned decision I had ever made!

That lead to so much transformation and allowed me to see I can trust myself! 

You deserve that same permission slip!  You are allowed to DECIDE your future!





How long is the program?
4 months we kick off March 10th.  You get Voxer access as soon as you sign up!

When are the calls?

3 calls per month at 4pm-6pm EST on Thursdays

Month 1:  Clarity

Month 2: Action

Month 3: Consistency

Month 4: Content Queen Identity

Each Month will follow these call themes:

Week 1:Teaching

Week 2: Hot Seat Coaching

Week 3: Healing Calls

What kind of accountability do you provide?

Weekly google doc for you to submit to check in with yourself

Voxer Support

Posting Accountability Thread in IG

What if I change my mind?

No refunds, gorgeous!  It is time for you to go all in on your decision. But I have decided to show up fully for you and give you my energy!

Will the Mastermind be available again?

I don't know.  This is the kick off round.  It will not be available at this price again.   I am unsure when and if I will launch it again.

Do you only work with coaches?

Nope. My work is for women who run online businesses or desire to create one. I specialize in helping women take their life and business to the next level.

Is this for me if I have a 9-5?

Heck yes girl.  That was me just a few months ago.  I built my business while working my 9-5 and dreaming of leaving it.  

What if I can't make all the calls?

That is ok!  They are all recorded and will go in the portal.  Where you will have lifetime access to the content.  It is best if you can make them though.  Make your transformation a priority.

What if I need to go at my own pace and don't get through all the materials?

That is ok! The materials are there for you forever.   I do expect you to show up for the coaching calls though and ready to take action in your business!  This is an action mini-mind so only sign up if you are committed to making moves in your business NOW. 

What tools or items do I need to be success if this Mini-Mind?


Instagram--Business Account--either now or we will convert it



Willingness to move through the hard and make changes

What about payment plans?

There are payment plans available.  The only one on my site is pay in full or 4 montly payments.  If another options works better for you. Either weekly payments, shorter, or a longer extended plan please reach out to me and I can set it up via paypal.   

Can you guarantee specific results?

Nope! What i will say tho, is that I fullllly fucking believe in my ability to increase your belief in yourself and your work. I know that when you combine mindset, commitment & intuition anything is freaking possible!  That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because it is based on you showing up for yourself and your business.

More Questions?

You can e-mail me at, drop your questions in the Aligned Journey Facebook Group or send me a DM!

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If you are not sure the best way to work with me, 1:1, mastermind or one of my courses book your free 30 min call so we can decide together the best route for you!

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