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Have you ever felt like if you could just show up consistently for your audience, then you would create wildly epic success?

Your ability to show up consistently holds the key to unlocking your success. 

Do you feel like you have something to say but struggle to show up and actually say it?

I hear it all the time, especially from dedicated entrepreneurs who really want to increase their audience.  


“Courtney, I just need a way to get more people following me.”   


“I was going to show up online, but I didn't know what to say.”


“I wish I had a step-by-step list of what to do that would make showing up easy.”  

"If I could just lose weight, make more money, have more followers, sell my offers then I would be willing to show up consistently." 


I get it.  I have been there.

But here’s the thing,   


I know YOU know if you want to grow your business with an audience who are ready to buy, then your audience needs to see YOUR MAGIC. They need to experience YOUR medicine. 


In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs in the online space show up with consistency. 

They are consistently building their brand and giving you the invitation to buy what they are selling.

Think about it…Courtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, your favorite coach… You see them showing up daily. Often multiple times a day!


Which means, if you want to stop talking to crickets and start growing your audience, you need to start showing up. 


… You need to be seen as the expert, NOW. 

Build your consistent habits now to grow your audience!

Here is your permission slip to share your magic, your medicine and change the world with your work!


Are you finally ready to own your magic?  

Yet you continue to ask yourself the following questions?

  • What is wrong with me?

  • Why can't I figure this out?

  • Why don't I feel inspired?

  • Why is everyone else successful?

  • When will it happen for me?

  • Will I be more successful if I lose weight, have more followers, etc?

  • Why can't I stay consistent?

  • I just wish I knew the right things to say.


Activate YOUR Magic
was created to create a new reality for you with content & consistency.
Here is what other entrepreneurs are saying about Activate YOUR Magic

"Activate YOUR Magic helped me to create the discipline and consistency I knew I needed in my business.  It allowed me to add moving my body as part of my routine and helped me build trust in myself" 

"Activate YOUR Magic has helped me see that I am a strong ass, confident woman who gets shit done, and has been willing to invest and take action.  The ENERGY of this course has EXPONENTIALLY shifted things for me." 

"I can feel that I have become deeply magnetic to my audience."

"It helped push me to my content edges, going live in places I haven't gone live and sharing parts of me that I have been afraid to share.  It felt amazing to create that connection to my community, while having the support of the group when things felt scary or as a place to celebrate." 

"I have been seeking clarity and  through taking daily action in this course it has created massive clarity."

" This course created more clarity & action for me than a course that cost $9k."

"This course was full of immediate daily action steps that pushed me but allowed me to show up daily in my business."

"I am obsessed with the format of the course, it was so quick and easy being podcast style.  I could pop in the trainings daily while making my morning coffee, sit down, and complete everything in 30 min before I got my day started.  It was magical creating a routine where I really connected to myself first and then my audience."


Activate YOUR Magic

Activate Your Magic is the fastest way for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to clarify their message, show up with consistency and create an audience without second-guessing themselves.

This is the exact formula I have used to create thousands of followers inside my facebook group, grow my email list & attract soulmate followers on my Instagram. 

 You will learn how to show up powerfully & consistently for your business & on social media while turning it into your magical playground & you will learn how to connect to your audience using emotions and storytelling.  

Activate YOUR Magic is for you if...

You are ready to...

Wake up and have a routine that fully drops you into your body, your magic, your intuition

Feel excited to show up on social media 

Fully own YOUR Magic, YOUR Power, YOUR Medicine

Fall in love with creating content so you can share your value with your audience

Feel in flow with content, it begins to be easy & fun

Feel inspired to know what to create or have enough content prompts to create & connect with your 

the audience an entire year

Build intimate community & connection 

What's Included in Activate YOUR Magic

30 days of a daily private podcast       ($999)

Facebook Group Support                    ($999)

Meditations                                           ($444)

Daily Journal Prompts                          ($555)

Daily Social Media Prompts                ($999) 

Your Investment Only $222

Total Value Over $3,000


1.  What is the format of the program?
The format is podcast-style.  You will have access to all 30 podcast episodes where you will listen to 1 a day.  Each one includes a mini daily training, body connection exercise, journal prompt, and social media prompt.  This program is meant to be daily action-oriented and I wanted to create an ease of access so you can pop in your earbuds & listen at any time.  

2. How long do I have access to the content?
You will have lifetime access to the content, the program will be run live this round with Q&A's, and bonus meditation but it is meant to be returned to and done over and over as it will allow you to sink in deeper into your relationship with showing up and content. 

3.  What if I miss a day?  Do I need to do 2 in one day to stay caught up?
No there is no pressure to stay on schedule.  I would say try to make a promise to yourself to show up for yourself and your business as much as possible.  Part of your job as a service-based entrepreneur is to show up daily, sell and share your offerings but life can happen and trust yourself enough to decide if you want to do 2 days, just skip to the next or keep going in a row.  This is not a diet plan where you can mess up, need to start over or worry if you miss a day.  

4.  I really want to join now but don't feel like I have the time to commit.
This program will save you time on the things you already need to do in your business.  You will stop stressing about what to post and how you are going to say it.  The great part about this program as it is no additional time.  This program is designed to have you spend doing the right things in your business for 30 min a day.  You will create the consistent habits you need to continue to use to grow your business.



Who is Courtney Badger?

My name is Courtney Badger and I am beyond thrilled to be your coach & authenticity leader.

Your ability to see and call in your soulmate clients is right around the corner!


I am the founder and creator of The Wandering Manifestor Brand.

I created this course because I found that I was just checking social media off the to-do list & I wanted to get my message to you there but it didn't seem to be getting beyond my feed.

I felt exhausted by social media & knew my message was meant to get out to the world.

Once I removed the need for external circumstances and harnessed my power things started to shift.

You can do the same, tap into your power, share your message & change the world. 

courtney branding shoot mk014-2.jpg

My parents worked hard to provide a life for me; we lived in a beautiful home but they instilled in me that I would always have to work hard, be in debt and stressed out by money and my desires are selfish.


We are often taught that what we want out of life does not matter, as women it becomes all about your ability to sacrifice for others and live a life of #struggle.


This led me to deciding that I am sick of being disempowered around my voice and my ability to go all in on my desires. 


Now I have used it as my fuel to change the world for women.  Your voice does matter so it is time to use it and use it often.


I decided that life is meant to be joyful and it is time to create a life you are obsessed with living!


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