Are you ready to live a life of FREEDOM?

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Hello Gorgeous Souls!

My name is Courtney.

Abundant AF!

Are you ready for your Cinderella story?!?  You are fully worthy and deserving to step into your glittery gown, Lululemon leggings, designer jeans or Target sundress. Whatever allows you to feel beautiful, worthy and abundant AF!


I coach women to step out of the box that you were born into and was created by society.  We go on a soul journey to get to know yourself on a soul level in order to make EMPOWERED decisions. I show you exactly how to reprogram your subconscious to lead you to manifesting abundance.  It is time to stop playing small in your life and be bold!  Make the changes your soul is literally craving!


My mission is to help YOU find the worthiness that has been deep down inside of you all along.  To help you create a life filled with ease so that you can have the freedom and soul fulfillment you need to live a life you absolutely love. I am committed to making sure you feel connected to your higher power and your most authentic self.  So you always feel supported throughout the daily struggles of this beautiful thing we know as “life.” We were not meant to do it on our own.

It is time to step out of the box that you have been placed in and live the life your SOUL is calling you to live!


Unlock Your Potential

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The Wandering Manifestor brand is meant to inspire, create freedom and abundance and teach YOU how to manifest like a boss in your life.


Once you connect with your authentic self there is no stopping the life you can co-create with God/Universe for yourself!


This is a community where you can come to connect, manifest and step into the most authentic version of yourself!


Together, we will manifest a life of abundance, freedom & adventure!