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Do you desire to be fully seen online by your wildly engaged audience that can't wait to buy your next offer?

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Hello Gorgeous Souls!

My name is Courtney.

Well Rested Bitch

 I am here to support you get over what I call "Can you hear me syndrome!"

I am here to help YOU feel seen, heard, validated & learn to monetize YOUR gifts once YOU truly find YOUR voice.  Your Magic gets buried under so much conditioning & this belief that your desires are not meant to be seen, heard, validated & lived.  It is time to heal your voice, take up space & live your life out loud. 


I grew up having my voice stifled.  Being the oldest girl in my family, growing up being bullied in school, trying to fit in & going to corporate America it was indoctrinated into me that my voice didn't matter.   So I learned to stay silent or be punished for speaking up.  I spoke up less & less until I created a life that was not me at all.  I sat around looking at what I had created and I was unhappy.  So I took a huge leap of faith, quit my job, sold everything and moved to New Zealand.  That was my first step in learning to trust myself, use my voice and follow my soul path.  Ever since then I have been on a journey to healing the voice to my desires and creating a life I fucking love!  I am here to teach you to do the same.

It is time to step out of the hustle that has exhausted you, put a mask on you & buried your voice so you can live the life YOUR SOUL is calling you to live!

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Ready to figure out what is holding you back from living your first-class life?


The Wandering Manifestor brand is meant to show you how to build your Empire, while living your life of freedom & joy.


It is time to create a team that supports you building your empire!


This is a community where you can connect to the leader and visionary inside of you!


Together, we will will build & scale your empire.  So you can live your life of freedom & adventure! 

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